Comen, founded in 2002 in Shenzhen, China, is a medical device manufacturer with R&D capabilities serving the needs of medical professionals. Adhering to end-user-centric thinking, Comen is committed to providing the world's most comprehensive line of monitoring products, the world's first NICU solution, the world's first-class ICU and OR solution led by the concept of "Specialized Product, Specialized Use". Comen joins the famous experts from China's top A-grade tertiary hospitals to achieve cooperation between hospitals, research institutes and enterprises, turning innovative ideas into products in line with users' expectations. Until now, 40% of Comen's nearly 600 patents come from cooperation with hospital experts.

R&D is at the heart of a high-tech company. Comen's R&D center consists of 5 departments: software, hardware, algorithms, machinery and industrial design. There are more than 700 R&D employees, 65% of whom have a master's degree in biomedicine. Comen insists on spending more than 20% of its annual revenue on R&D to ensure rapid product releases and continuous optimization of product quality.

R&D personnel represent 33.3% of the company's total employees, and 80% of them come from leading universities. With perseverance, Comen's products have served more than 50,000 medical institutions and social service providers in 130 countries,

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