Founded in 1904 in Sweden by the entrepreneur Olander Larsson, it began designing and manufacturing medical technology in 1932, with the production of sterilizers for medical equipment.

In 1989, Getinge was acquired from Electrolux. This was the beginning of the era of expansion and development. In the decades that followed Getinge acquired more than 15 different sterilization and infection control companies in Europe and the United States, enabling Getinge to become a world leader in the field of surgical workflow.

Financially strong, it goes public in 1993, trading on the NASDAQ OMX stock market, with a profit of 600 million.

Another important milestone is the acquisition in the year 2000 of the company MAQUET of German origin. MAQUET, founded in 1838, was already a leader in solutions for operating rooms in the year of its acquisition,

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