BeneVision CMS II

Mindray CMS II Monitoring Center: the highest scalability and control of the unit, being the communication link between the Mindray equipment and the rest of the hospital information systems. All the information on a single screen.

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BeneVision CMS is a very powerful, scalable and intuitive monitoring center.
– Each center can manage up to 64 patients, being able to scale several centers up to a total of 200 simultaneous beds.
– The interface of each box is exactly the same as the monitor screen, which makes handling much more intuitive.
– Bidirectional management of alarms, with functions to turn off, reset, modify alarm limits of all monitors remotely, as well as put all monitors in Visit mode or Night mode with a single click.
– Advanced functions for reviewing events, alarms, etc. for each of the monitors that were monitored or for all of them at the same time.
– Possibility of viewing from mobile devices and tablets remotely.
– Possibility of access from medical offices in unlimited numbers.
– High connectivity with hospital information systems through HL7.
– Possibility of incorporating 1, 2, 3, or 4 extended screens
– Connection of the entire range of Mindray monitoring, as well as defibrillation and telemetry.

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Anesthesia, CMA, Intensive Medicine, Nursing, OER