Vascular Compression Kendall SCD

KENDALL SCD™ Customized Sequential Vascular Compression Comfort Sleeves

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Comfort® sequential vascular pneumatic compression sleeves made up of 3 independent inflatable chambers that provide controlled compression, gradually decreasing disto-proximal (45-40-30 mm Hg), sequential and circumferential, progressive in compression and travel automatically and personalized with independent circuit and alternating compression in both lower extremities that allows control of venous return, favoring maximum emptying and avoiding venous stasis that causes damage to the vascular endothelium, generating venous thromboembolic disease (VTEV). This compression system allows acting independently in each of the lower limbs MMII, only right or only left or both,and inflates each of the legs alternately in the MMII, simulating the effect of walking on the venous territory.

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Cardinal Healthcare


Hospitalization, Orthopedics


Pneumatic compression


Anesthesia, Hospitalization, Intensive Medicine, Operating room, Resuscitation