Aquanomic is the latest breakthrough in laundry innovation that will help you improve laundry quality, safety, reliability and operational performance. Thanks to Aquanomic, the operation of your laundry will go up a level by controlling costs, optimizing results and brand protection.

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Aquanomic laundry program Cleanliness and whiteness. Softness and freshness. You want to achieve the clean, white, soft and fresh results that your customers expect, as if the textiles were being washed for the first time. The Aquanomic laundry program consistently delivers superior results that provide significant energy savings compared to traditional laundry programs, improving your bottom line. Whatever your laundry needs and challenges, Ecolab can offer you a complete laundry solution that helps reduce the need for relaundering and extends the life of your textiles at the same time. Aquanomic: the complete laundry solution.

Aquanomic is the complete laundry solution that has been developed to deliver world-class results and solve your biggest laundry challenges.

– Delivers quality results on a regular basis
– Alerts you when your procedures are not being followed
– Makes the laundry process easier and safer for you and your employees
– Reduces packaging waste by up to 70%
– Could reduce your water and energy costs

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