FDR SMART X and AP version

FDR Smart X digital X-ray room and its completely robotic version AP. X-ray system that provides high-quality multifunction solutions with various configurations.

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The FDR Smart X is Fujifilm’s new X-ray system, providing cost-effective, high-quality multi-function X-ray solutions. It offers two configurations (ceiling-suspended X-ray tube and floor-mounted X-ray tube) for use with the upright and table, providing flexible solutions for your imaging department. Compatible with Fujifilm’s latest D-EVO II and D-EVO III series DR panels

Ceiling-suspended tube mount
Ceiling-mounted tube allows monitoring with upright and tabletop detectors, improving flow Workforce, Performance and Efficiency Floor Mounted Pipe Support The floor mounted pipe option has the flexibility of being able to be installed in limited spaces, thereby maximizing the use of imaging systems available in the department.

Bucky Rack Wall Mount with Auto Tilt The bucky rack vertical mount has two available tilt functions: auto and manual*1. This improves the workflow of radiologists and the experience of wheelchair patients.

Removable grid The removable grids of the table and the vertical support allow flexible working (as in paediatrics).
Height adjustable and motorized floating table with a maximum weight of 300 kg. Synchronization (monitoring) of the tube with vertical and table detectors. Available with ceiling and floor mounted systems.

The turntable is also available for the table. The direction of the panel can be changed according to the position of the patient. The AP version is fully Motorized.

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