MODUEVO ceiling units: a version for each situation, from Gas columns, Endoscopy to Bridge-type systems for headboards in ICU.

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The Maquet Moduevo range of ceiling supply units ensures easy access to essential services and equipment, streamlined workflows and increased efficiency. They are easy to install and use, and allow a better organization of resources, increasing productivity and, consequently, reducing costs.

Ergonomic positioning EPos: Accessories can be easily fixed to the rails, which provide electrical supply without connections or plugs. Future-proof flexibility: allows all configurations required by the hospital.

“Grab & Move” handle: brakes are released by human touch. As soon as you release the handle, the free movement of the column stops.
Elegant and disinfectable design. Smart cable management. Electromagnetic brakes.
Ambient light with Somnus, that allows a patient to avoid becoming disoriented and receive the most appropriate lighting at each hour of the day.
Complete solution for Endoscopy and Fix Anesthesia machine to the column.

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