Fully motorized electro-hydraulic operating room table MEERA. Versatility and transversality in a single table for any type of intervention.

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The Getinge-MAQUET MEERA table is one of the most versatile mobile tables on the market at an exceptional price, with high scalability and accessories. It is an evolution of the Maquet Alphastar PRO and Maquet Betastar mobile operating tables, which combines the advantages of both and intelligently integrates them into a single product.

One of the strengths of Maquet Meera is its motorized longitudinal displacement, which allows almost unlimited radiolucency. It can be used in all surgical disciplines and is designed to be compatible with and allow the use of our existing mobile operating table accessories. The Maquet Meera operating table is equipped with many innovative product features to help surgical staff provide optimal patient care, and offers spectacular value for money to hospitals around the world.

Great accessibility and stability (with a load of up to 454 KG), it has a great range of movements in height, Tredelenburg and anti-Tredelenburg lateral rotation.

With a secure locking system, their mattresses are highly comfortable, made of SFC (viscoelastic) material, which allows great pressure distribution thanks to a special double layer, also reflecting the patient’s body temperature, which prevents hypothermia).

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