GETINGE IN2 Modular OR Construction Solution: The most scalable and versatile solution for fast and efficient construction of an OR.

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Ready to evolve with emerging trends.

In the OR, the only constant is change. Together with our comprehensive planning services, the Getinge IN2 OR Modular Room System ensures seamless workflows and efficient transitions to accommodate your wide range of surgical specialties. Getinge’s IN2 modular room system is at the core of our project business. This high quality hygienic solution consists of a substructure, wall and ceiling elements, doors and the optional integration of built-ins giving you the flexibility to change and replace as needed. It is the flexible base for your hospital to grow and adapt to new technologies.

Selection of different materials, alternateable in the same operating room:
– Stainless steel with a disinfectable coated layer.
– Glass.
– HPL Backlit.
– Elements printed on the wall with aesthetics and motifs required by the hospital.
– Corian.

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Modular OR system


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