Getinge VOLISTA lamp: high quality and efficient. With advanced technology such as VISION NIR.

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The Getinge-Maquet Volista surgical light stands out from other lights thanks to its sharp, shadow-free illumination that reduces eye strain in all surgical procedures. Surgeons get a clear view of the area to be operated on to provide the best possible care for the patient.

It is an LED lamp. Its exclusive FSP system allows uniform lighting throughout the surgical procedure, despite the fluctuations of LED technology.

Up to 160,000 luxes, with the Boost system, which allows the user to realize that they are activating 160,000 luxes to avoid any type of damage.

It incorporates ambient light for endoscopic surgery with a single click. Commandable from the dome itself, or from a panel on the wall. The installation is very versatile, allowing not only 2 arms for 2 domes, but pre-installation of a camera incorporated into the handle of the lamp itself, and additional arms for monitors in the operating rooms.

High performance at a competitive price.
With VisionNIR you can continue the operation with Light without interfering with the fluorescence NIR technique.

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