Advantech POC-6 Medical Grade Computer: high technology with the highest clinical standard for safe environments.

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Highest performance computer for the most demanding spaces, Advantech’s generation of All-in-one computers, POC-6 offers the highest performance, meeting the highest disinfection standards and with the highest level of performance on the market.
– High-performance computing, with Whiskey Lake Core i7-8665UE CPU, with up to twice the performance compared to other Core i7 processors on the market. High speed and reliable GPU and Ram memory.
– High disinfection standard, with IP65 not only on the front, but also on the rear panel (unique on the market). Integrated heat dissipation system without fans.
– Modular and with high scalability, being able to add by modules, backup batteries, camera, Wi-Fi, additional SSD disks, RFID, miniPCIE, etc.
– Compact and Lightweight design, to adapt to any work environment without hindering the daily function of the hospital.
– High connectivity, with custom ports, including native USB 3.0, 2.0, HDMI, RS-232 ports, etc., to connect electromedical equipment at the foot of the bed.

Capacitive touch screen with 24” (POC-624), 21” (POC-621) or 15” (POC-615)

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Anesthesia, Critical Care, OER